90+ Useless Websites: Useless Websites List

Discover the ultimate collection of useless websites to waste your time on. Our handpicked list includes 50+ sites that are sure to amuse and entertain. Explore the weird and wonderful world of the internet with our Useless Websites List. Click now to indulge in some pointless fun!

In the age of information overload, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of websites that offer little value or entertainment. These are the so-called “useless websites,” which serve no real purpose other than to waste your time and possibly make you laugh.

Fortunately, there are websites dedicated to curating lists of these useless sites. These lists can be a fun way to explore the weird and wacky side of the internet and discover sites you never knew existed.

Some of the most popular useless websites include “The Useless Web,” which randomly takes you to a new useless site with the click of a button, and “Pointer Pointer,” which uses an algorithm to generate a photo of someone pointing directly at your cursor.

While these sites may not provide any practical benefit, they can be a welcome distraction from the stresses of daily life. So next time you’re feeling bored or in need of a laugh, check out a useless websites list and see what strange and amusing sites you can discover.

Website LinkDescription
http://www.sanger.dk/A website with a live webcam of a roundabout in Denmark.
http://www.haneke.net/A website with a virtual version of a flipper game.
http://www.sadfor.us/A website that shows a sad face and says “sorry” repeatedly.
http://www.papertoilet.com/A website with a virtual toilet that you can flush.
http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/A website with a worm-like creature that wriggles wildly when you move your cursor.
http://www.pointerpointer.com/A website that shows a picture of someone pointing to wherever your cursor is on the screen.
http://www.koalastothemax.com/A website where you can create a colorful mosaic by clicking on circles that split into smaller ones.
http://www.rrrgggbbb.com/A website that shows a moving rainbow of colors.
http://www.ismycomputeron.com/A website that simply tells you whether your computer is on or not.
http://www.1112.net/lastpage.htmlA website with a message that says “This is the very last page on the very last server at the very far end of the internet.”
http://www.hmpg.net/A website with a spinning globe and the words “Have a nice day!”
http://www.omfgdogs.com/A website with flashing images of dogs set to techno music.
http://www.cat-bounce.com/A website with bouncing cats that move when you click on them.
http://www.heeeeeeeey.com/A website with a single word “Hey” that is repeated indefinitely.
http://www.zombo.com/A website with a voiceover that says “Welcome to Zombocom, this is Zombocom.”
http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/A website that shows a picture of Darth Vader and says “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” repeatedly.
http://www.fallingfalling.com/A website that shows falling letters that spell out “falling” over and over.
http://www.republiquedesmangues.fr/A website with pictures of mangoes and the French flag.
http://www.procatinator.com/A website that plays a random cat video every time you click “procatinate.”
http://www.boredbutton.com/A website that generates a random useless website when you click the button.
http://www.tiii.me/A website that calculates how much time you’ve spent watching TV shows.
http://www.thesecretpie.com/A website with a picture of a pie and the words “Shhh… it’s a secret.”
http://www.chickenonaraft.com/A website with a repeating song about a chicken on a raft.
http://www.electricboogiewoogie.com/A website with flashing lights and techno music.
http://www.thatsthefinger.com/A website that shows a picture of a finger pointing at you.
http://www.theuselesswebindex.com/A website that lists even more useless websites.
http://www.rainymood.com/A website that plays the sound of rain for relaxation.

most useless websites

Website LinkDescription
http://www.isthisyourpaperonsingleladies.com/A website that asks if a piece of paper is yours, and then plays the song “Single Ladies” by BeyoncĂ©.
http://www.trypap.com/A website that lets you pop virtual bubble wrap.
http://www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com/A website that claims to be the world’s worst website ever.
http://www.zombiepassions.com/A website that is a dating site for zombies.
http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/A website where the owner sold pixels for $1 each to make a million dollars.
http://www.purple.com/A website that is simply the color purple.
http://www.gizoogle.net/A website that translates text into slang.
http://www.thepointless.com/A website that is completely pointless.
http://www.nothing.com/A website that is blank.
http://www.sanger.dk/mandelbrot/A website with a zoomable Mandelbrot set.
http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/A website with recipes for making giant versions of popular snacks.
http://www.mousepointer.com/A website that shows a virtual mouse pointer that moves based on your real mouse movements.
http://www.happyhappyjoyjoy.com/A website that plays the song “Happy Happy Joy Joy” from the cartoon Ren & Stimpy.
http://www.breadfish.co.uk/A website that plays a song about breaded fish.
http://www.fallingguy.com/A website with a stick figure falling down a never-ending hole.
http://www.onemillionlols.com/A website with one million LOLs.
http://www.isitchristmas.com/A website that simply tells you whether it’s Christmas or not.
http://www.gangstaname.com/A website that generates a gangsta name for you.
http://www.storTroopers.com/A website with pictures of stormtroopers from Star Wars doing everyday things.
http://www.unicodesnowmanforyou.com/A website that displays a snowman made out of Unicode characters.
http://www.virtualbubblewrap.com/A website that lets you pop virtual bubble wrap.
http://www.sadtrombone.com/A website that plays the sound of a sad trombone.
http://www.pixelthoughts.co/A website that encourages you to meditate by showing your worries in a small space.
http://www.stuffonmycat.com/A website with pictures of cats with various objects on them.
http://www.hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/A website that answers the question “Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?”
http://www.rrrgggbbb.com/A website that displays flashing RGB colors.
http://www.justinbiebermusic.com/A website that plays Justin Bieber’s music.
http://www.fallingdudes.com/A website with stick figures falling off of buildings.
http://www.nyan.cat/A website with a cartoon cat that flies through space with a rainbow trail.
http://www.happyplace.com/A website that is filled with funny pictures and

random useless websites

Website LinkDescription
http://www.iamawesome.com/A website that tells you that you are awesome.
http://www.koalastothemax.com/A website where you can create a picture of a koala made up of smaller koalas.
http://www.pointerpointer.com/A website that shows a picture of a hand and a pointer that points to where your mouse is.
http://www.procatinator.com/A website that plays a cat video and a song.
http://www.corgiorgy.com/A website with a video of corgis running around.
http://www.rrrather.com/A website with ridiculous hypothetical questions to answer.
http://www.pleaserobme.com/A website that tracks the social media posts of people who say they are not home.
http://www.drawastickman.com/A website where you can draw a stick figure and watch it come to life.
http://www.sanger.dk/A website with a virtual fireplace that crackles and pops.
http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/weird-news/A website with a collection of bizarre news stories.
http://www.instantostrich.com/A website that puts an ostrich in a picture.
http://www.hackertyper.com/A website that lets you type like a hacker.
http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/A website with a sound clip of Darth Vader saying “no”.
http://www.rainymood.com/A website that plays the sound of rain.
http://www.theworldsbestever.com/A website that claims to be the world’s best website ever.
http://www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com/A website that tells you how many people are currently in space.
http://www.incredibox.com/A website where you can make your own beatbox mix.
http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/A website with a worm that freaks out when you move your mouse around.
http://www.omfgdogs.com/A website with pictures of dogs that are moving around and flashing colors.
http://www.muchbetterthanthis.com/A website that is better than this one.
http://www.patience-is-a-virtue.org/A website that challenges you to be patient.
http://www.ouaismaisbon.ch/A website that is in French and tells you “Yeah but good”.
http://www.everydayim.com/A website that tells you “Everyday I’m shufflin'” from the song “Party Rock Anthem”.
http://www.stuffonmymutt.com/A website with pictures of dogs with various objects on them.
http://www.ismycomputeron.com/A website that tells you if your computer is on.
http://www.doesthedogdie.com/A website that tells you if the dog dies in a movie.
http://www.zoomquilt.org/A website with a zoomable image that never ends.
http://www.electricboogiewoogie.com/A website that displays a pattern of flashing colors.
http://www.omfgturtles.com/A website with pictures of turtles that are moving around and flashing colors.

Useless websites are a category of websites that serve no practical purpose and are often created purely for entertainment value. Here are a few examples:

  1. The Useless Web: As mentioned before, this site takes you to a random useless website with the click of a button. It’s a great way to discover new sites you never knew existed.
  2. Pointer Pointer: This site generates a photo of someone pointing directly at your cursor. It’s pointless, but strangely addictive.
  3. Staggering Beauty: This site features a black worm-like creature that dances around wildly when you move your cursor. It’s both bizarre and mesmerizing.
  4. Is It Christmas?: This site simply tells you whether or not it’s currently Christmas. It’s not particularly useful, but it’s amusing nonetheless.
  5. Eel Slap: This site allows you to slap someone with an eel. That’s it.

While these sites may not serve any practical purpose, they can be a fun way to pass the time and indulge in some mindless entertainment.

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