Muslim Boy Names Starting with – i

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Muslim Boy Names Starting with – i

Muslim Boy Names Starting with – i :

You are looking for a nice name, so you should take the time to choose a very good name, I have listed a few names for you from where you can easily choose a name, you can contact me in case of any problem. baby names unique baby names I love baby boy names.
Number Muslim BaBy Boy Name Bangla Spelling
1 Iftakharul ইফতাখারুল
2 Idris ইদ্রিস
3 Ikram ইকরাম
4 Ilyas ইলিয়াস
5 Imdad ইমদাদ
6 Imrul ইমরুল
7 Imteaz ইমতিয়াজ
8 Insaf ইনসাফ
9 Inzamul ইনজামুল
10 Iqbal ইকবাল
11 Isahak ইসহাক
12 Israfil ইসরাফিল
12 Israil ইসরাইল
13 Isrot ইসরত
14 Izat ইজাত

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