Eyes Risk? how to protect your eyes from mobile screen

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In today’s short informative post, I will talk about three things that if you follow, you can protect your precious eye from the damage that can happen to protect your eyes from mobile screens. 

 Eyes Risk? how to protect your eyes from mobile screen

I posted on my Facebook page for research where I wanted to know how many hours you use your smartphone on average every day! 

More than 10,000 people voted in that post, and fifty-five percent of them said they used their smartphone for an average of more than 8 (eight) hours a day, which shows how many more smartphones we use. 
And with this excessive use of smartphones, your eyes are getting damaged and gradually you may go towards blindness. 
how to protect your eyes from mobile screen
how to protect your eyes from mobile screen
At this age, it cannot be said that you should stop using your smartphone or reduce your use of your smartphone because we use our smartphones day and night for our own needs. 
But most of us are careful about the rules of caution and small rules in the use of smartphones but Careless I now make small and in simple words, I will talk about three things that if you maintain or follow a little but you can give a lot of protection to your eyes. 
First of all, whatever the type of display of our smartphone or tablet, it means it can be LCD, LED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, whatever the light that comes out of this display, with it but a blue light comes out of the display. This Blu-ray, Blu-ray is extremely harmful to the eyes, and various studies have shown that gradually it can affect your eyesight. The effects of excessive Blu-ray you may not notice one day. 
Then you will see that your eyesight has gradually decreased so much that it is tantamount to blindness. 
And to save your eyes from the blue light on today’s smartphones, but there is an option in the notification panel of your smartphone, if you drag from top to bottom, you will always see some shortcuts here. 
  • Night shift
  • Breeding mood
  • Icon for children 
The name may be different depending on the phone of different companies or different models of phones. 
how to protect your eyes from mobile screen
how to protect your eyes from mobile screen
As soon as you turn on the phone icon for a child, you will see that the display of your phone has become a little yellow type, the thing has turned a little yellow and this yellow option is very comfortable for the eyes. 
If you are in a room that means the room is light, a little light, in the dark, then it is very good for the eyes if you do not get this shortcut in the notification panel of your phone- 
But then you go directly from the settings to the display settings but you will find these settings. It is comfortable for the eyes if it is turned on, the biggest thing is that if it is turned on, the harmful blue light that is there will be cut off. 

Number Two | protect your eyes from mobile screen

  • I’m doing Facebook
  • Let’s browse something
  • Let’s chat 
Then we see that we hold the phone very close and then do the work and using the smartphone from so close puts a lot of pressure on the eyes and if you use the smartphone every day with that pressure, you may soon have to wear glasses. You can do that. 
The display font of the phone is small but we bring the phone in front of our eyes and then use it, 
If you go to the mobile settings with a little effort and increase the font size of your mobile, but you can use the phone a little away. 
Normally you can go to the display settings of any phone but you can enlarge the font size a little bit and also do another thing. 
It is under the display or under the SIM if you search a little but you will get a dark theme or dark mode on your phone. You can use the dark theme if you make the fonts a little bigger but the phone is much more comfortable. 

Number three (3) 

The more important thing I will talk about now is When we are with a lot of minds. 
  • Plays games
  • Browse
  • Chat 
Then our eyes do not blink, but normally 5 seconds in a row our eyes blink as if the eye is wet, 

When we look at a smartphone with continuous attention but not in the blink of an eye,
It causes dry eyes and in this case experts and doctors suggest it.
That is to follow the 202020 Rules. 
That is to follow the 202020 Rules.
What is 202020? 
# 202020 is like if you are on a display 
  • Could be your mobile
  • There may be tablets
  • Laptops
  • Or PC

If you have been looking at it continuously for 20 minutes, you have to take a 20-second break and look somewhere else for 20 seconds, now if it happens that you are in a small room where it is not possible for you to look away for 20 seconds, 

So in that case, if you have a window in your room you can stay outside with it, or if you don’t have it then you can keep your eyes closed for 20 seconds. 

Now if you can maintain these three things a little carefully, you can keep your eyes a little better.
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