01 best tips: How to Block Hackers From My Phone

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In this age of information technology, we have smartphones in our hands, but you know, just like all our information is in this smartphone, just like we are unaware, but a lot of information goes out through this smartphone through the camera of this handful of phones.

How to Block Hackers From My Phone

How to Block Hackers From My Phone
How to Block Hackers From My Phone

how to block phone hackers

This camera has a special role in the exchange of information. Today I will talk about these two settings, which if you do not allow your smartphone’s camera remotely without using any apps or sites to destroy your privacy.
When we are browsing different sites with the browser of our smartphone, but we go to different sites, all the sites here, but not actually trusted that is not reliable.
Now if your camera permission is OK in your browser but you are running a little risk because if your browser allows camera permission then from those sites but if you want yours.
  • Back camera
  • Front camera
This is for your privacy or security but a big issue just like we often see when we install many apps,
You’re asking for camera permission, but apps or sites aren’t necessarily important to you, yet it seems like you’re asking permission for the camera,

Sometimes it is seen that we go to install some games for example –

Then it is seen that the game asked you for camera permission but you don’t need camera access,
You will never give permission to sites or apps that do not require camera permission.
Apps are remote from the start but with the back camera and front camera of your phone, your privacy can be compromised.
So now I will show you two solutions. If you do these two, you will know.
With the camera of our smartphone so that no privacy is heard or any information is leaked, you will go to the Google Chrome browser of your phone for the first set that we will do.

Google Chrome Settings

  • Tap the three-dot menu on the top right of Google Chrome,
  • At the bottom, you will find Settings, tap on Settings,
  • From here you will actually find the site settings at the bottom, tap on,
  • Here the camera sees an option, which is already written below, type on it, 
How to Block Hackers From My Phone
  • By default, the setting is turned on here. 
How to Block Hackers From My Phone
If a site wants to use your camera it will ask you first but sometimes it happens that we don’t notice it while browsing. This means that when browsing with Google Chrome, you will never be able to use the front or back camera of your phone from the website no matter which side you are on.
This is an option if you use google chrome then come to number two settings and for number two settings go to phone settings.
Find out from the settings Apps Some phones may not have the item under Apps Privacy M Security Guard may have more On my phone Since the settings are under Apps, type on Apps.
How to Block Hackers From My Phone
  • At the bottom, you can see an option to click without permission.
  • Click here to see if there are two permissions here again.
  • Find out the camera from here. You can see it here. Some of the apps have camera permission. Type on the camera.
  • Here you will get a list of which apps on your phone have camera permission. From here, we will turn off the apps that you think do not need permission. 

How to Block Hackers From My Phone
How to Block Hackers From My Phone
As I turned it off from Chrome a little while ago, it looks off next to my Chrome but I didn’t turn it off from Google. You can see here that the button on the right side of Google has it turned on. I’m turning off the button.
If you understand a little from which apps you will not give access to your phone’s camera, it will be blocked from here.
Here’s another thing to clarify a little bit if your phone is hacked, but it’s a little different because it will take control of your whole phone, be it your phone’s camera, microphone, or any other option.
The two settings that I am talking about now, if these two are done, no site or app will be able to destroy your privacy by accepting your phone’s camera.

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