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This article is very important for you if you want to create the perfect and high-quality resume for the job. You need to follow some steps to create a CV. Remember a CV means a career that can change your life. You can use this CV Format Word Document for all kinds of jobs. 
CV Format Word Document
CV Format Word Document

How to create a high-quality resume? 

In this article, you will learn how to create a resume and I will show you the solution on how to write a format. This article has shown you how to create a high-quality smart CV and a demo CV file on how you can easily Save the CV Format Word Document.
CV Format Word Document
CV Demo Photo


Curriculum Vitae

For example

Step 1.  Mailing Address 

  • Wherever you are currently, write the address here. Give the address seriously because if the job is confirmed, a letter will come to this address.
Delta Dock Yards Engineering Works / Delta CNG
Nayarit, Ashulia, Savar,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Contact   : +88 01300000000
Email        : xyzxyzxyz@gmail.com

For example
Step 2. Career Objective:

  • Here you can write what you want to do if you get a job in the company for which you are making a CV. 

To obtain a job where I can apply my knowledge and skill to pursue a professional career in any better section to provide an excellent job environment where quality performance and creativity are recognized and rewarded.

For example
Step 3. 
Academic Qualification:

  • Write full details about your educational qualifications here, where did you study, what is the name of your educational institution, what was the result, in what year did you finish, etc. 
Name of Examination     : 
Institute Name                 : 
Passing Year                     : 
Result                                 : 
Group                                 : 
Board                                 : 
Name of Examination    : 
Institute Name                : 
Passing Year                    : 
Result                                : 
Group                                : 
Board                                : 

For example

Step 4. 
Job Experience:

  • If you have a job somewhere, write down your experience here. 
Designation                 : 
Company Name         : 
Address                        : 
Duration                       : 

For example
Step 5. Responsibility:
I have worked IMW compressor, inverter, transformer, automatic voltage stabilizer substation equipment (HT Panel, LT Panel, PFI Panel, Motor Control Panel, Electric Control Panel (PLC) UPS, Energy Pac Generator, Cater Piller-G3406 Gas Generator.

Designation             : 
Company Name     : 
Address                    : 
Duration                   : 

For example
Step 6. 

  • My Responsibility is installing, Commissioning and related troubleshooting electric machines, transformer, switchgear, PFI, Panel Board and complete substation.
  • Review and plan scheduling of machine checking and maintenance, allocate work supervise Jackson generator, compressor, operations of breakdowns, maintenance, power fluctuations (temperature check, sound check, earthling etc.) to avoid breakdowns and increase life and efficiency of this machines.
  • Operation, Maintenance and controlling 11kv & 440v sub-station and estimating all electrical equipment.

Designation              : 
Company Name      : 
Address                     : 
Duration                    : 

I am worked compressor, inverter, transformer, automatic voltage stabilizer substation equipment (HT Panel, LT Panel, PFI Panel, Motor Control Panel, Electric Control Panel (PLC) UPS, Cater Piller-G3406 Gas Generator.

For example

Step 7. 
Language of Knowledge:

  • It is important to share which language you are good at. 

SL. No






English (International)





Bengali (Native)




For example
Step 8. 
Computer Knowledge:

  • Write down what you know about computers and what you know. 
Microsoft Office: MS Word, MS Excel, Email, Internet Browsing.

For example

AVvXsEhXUelQUoSI61NDlBtc6kX7UthHd1fGmT4hrEEwaTM2W12JloFQ3ykuMY4 fAP7TJwzB5zji8kaJpOhL3Wp3rsChKgFct5UDJ7PZUDqKP6uL2Xh4ft6 2PIE0Wl7LPCXekCsYr8CP5 AufmwcZt7kIxhQoT4Q5 povowX7dW uJaTHG 1cyIJORSqRI0Q=w400 h339 »

Step 9. Personal Information:

  • Write your personal information correctly here, one cannot be mistaken here. 

Name:                                 Your Name
Father’s Name:                  Your Father Name
Mother’s Name:                Your Mother Name
Permanent Address:        Village: xyz, P.O: xyz
P.S: xyz, Dist:                      xyz
Date of Birth:                     xyz
Nationality:                        Bangladeshi (By Birth).
Marital Status:                  Unmarried/married
Religion:                            Islam
NID No:                              123456789

For example
Step 10. 

I, the undersigned do hereby certify that this CV correctly describes my experience and myself. I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal/ if employed.

Thank You. More : click here

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